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Sesderma Sesmedical Revitalize Personal Peel Program
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    Sesderma Sesmedical Revitalize Personal Peel Program


      REVITALIZE personal peel program is a complete revitalizing program based on the efficacy of chemical peelings used by physicians in their consulting offices. Due to its cocktail of active antioxidant ingredients, it restores skin radiance and brightness lost due to the action of free radicals, decreases skin thickness by stimulating removal of dead cells and lightens skin pigmentation.

      Kit Components:

      • 4 REVITALIZE peel solution wipes.
      • 1 ULTRA 15 ml tube of sealing cream.

      REVITALIZE personal peel program is indicated for the treatment of all skin types, especially dull, sallow skins or just as before social events or special occasions (parties, weddings, baptisms ...) since it revitalizes and brightens the skin immediately.

      HOW TO USE
      1. Clean skin, apply REVITALIZE personal peel program wipe evenly over all your face, except eye area and lips. Allow solution to dry.
      2. Subsequently apply a small amount of ULTRA sealing cream to the treated area and allow to act for 6-8 hours.
      3. After this time, remove the product with water and apply an anti-aging cream to enhance results (recommended products from the lines C-vit Resveraderm or Sesderma laboratories Ferulac, among others.)

      REVITALIZE Personal Peel Program includes in its formula 14 active ingredients combining stabilized vitamin C, ginkgo biloba, ferulic and phloretin, all effective antioxidants that act synergistically to protect the skin from the action of free radicals. REVITALIZE personal peel program is an ideal complete system for use at those times when your skin needs extra light and brightness.