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Sesderma Sesmedical Anti-Age Personal Peel Program
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    Sesderma Sesmedical Anti-Age Personal Peel Program

    ANTI-AGE personal peel program can be used either as a preventive treatment (fortnightly) or shock treatment (weekly) to reduce the signs of skin aging: wrinkles, sagging, dry skin, enlarged pores, uneven pigmentation.


      ANTI-AGE personal peel program is a complete anti-age program based on the efficacy of chemical peelings used by physicians in their consulting offices. Its active ingredients help eliminate dead cells immediately leaving skin radiant and smooth, improving circulation by increasing nutrient supply to the skin (greater vitality) and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (reducing wrinkles and sagging).

      HOW TO USE
      1. Clean skin, apply the ANTI-AGE peel solution wipe evenly over all your face except eye area and lips. Allow solution to dry.
      2. Subsequently apply a small amount of ULTRA sealing cream to the treated area and allow to act for 6-8 hours.
      3. After this time, remove the product with water and apply an anti-aging cream to enhance results (recommended products from the lines Acglicolic, Sesgen 32, Reti-age, Factor G renew or Sesderma laboratories Fillderma ONE, among others.)

      ANTI-AGE Personal Peel Program includes in its formula 17 active ingredients with exfoliating, antioxidant, regenerative and moisturizing properties that stimulate production, and protect and repair the components of the dermal matrix (hyaluronic, collagen and elastin).