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Sesderma Men Intensive Lipo-Reducing Cream 200ml
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    Sesderma Men Intensive Lipo-Reducing Cream 200ml


      Sesderma Men Nº9 Intensive Lipo-Reducing Cream is a slimming and moisturizing cream for the abdominal region.

      With a nanotechnological formula, Sesderma Men Nº9 Intensive Lipo-Reducing Cream favors the elimination of fat and improves stomach tone.

      • Contains caffeine, l-carnitine and 3 types of hyaluronic acid, for a moisturizing, stimulating, reducing and softening action
      • Promotes deep hydration
      • Acts on fat accumulation, stimulating its elimination
      • Contributes to abdominal region tone
      • Redefines the body
      • Improves skin elasticity and firmness
      • Ideal for all skin types
      • Achieves smoother, firmer and toned skin
      HOW TO USE

      Apply Sesderma Men Nº9 Intensive Lipo-Reducing Cream daily to the affected area, with a gentle massage in circular movements, until complete absorption. For best results, we recommend you apply morning and evening for at least 4 months.