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Sesderma Daeses Lifting Cream 50ml
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    Sesderma Daeses Lifting Cream 50ml

    Sesderma Daeses Lifting Cream is an anti-aging cream for mature skin that nourishes, brings back firmness and elasticity and smooths the skin, with DMAE, a natural ingredient that has an instant lifting action.


      Sesderma Daeses Lifting Cream is a specific cosmetic face lifting cream, which works to improve the skin's firmness levels, and is suitable for dry skin. The Daeses line includes the revolutionary ingredient DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) encapsulated in liposomes, which makes the skin firmer, more elastic and smoother. This gel cream with anti-wrinkle and lifting action, recommended for mature skin, visibly improves tension and elasticity of the skin. It eliminates sagging of the skin that appears as a result from aging, weight loss or excessive exposure to the sun.


      Texture: cream;

      Skin issues: loss of firmness, loss of hydration;

      Time of application: morning and evening;

      Age: 40+;

      Skin type: dry skin;

      Main benefits: prevents and recovers loss of firmness, hydrates the skin.


      Apply Sesderma Daeses Lifting Cream by gently massaging it into the skin on the face until the product has been completely absorbed. Use twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.