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Phytomillesime Color Protecting Mist 150ml
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    Phytomillesime Color Protecting Mist 150ml


      Just after coloring your hair, your color is shiny, vibrant and you love it! But from the first shampoo, the color fades away and becomes dull. A genuine anti-color stripping shield, this mist enhances and durably prolongs hair color. The hair is delicately scented and takes on extreme shine.

      HOW TO USE

      Spray all over dry hair as a finishing treatment. DO NOT RINSE.


      The Red Love® apple extraction, a great antioxydant, acts like a shield that protects the hair from external aggressive factors, strengthens the fiber, and maintains color. Apple fruit and blossom extraction and hibiscus extraction gently smooths the scales of the hair, giving it a glossy radiance. Protective action thanks to the hydrophobic shield. Perfectly protected, the hair fiber remains impermeable.