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Phytoelixir Subtle Oil Intense Nutrition 75ml
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    Phytoelixir Subtle Oil Intense Nutrition 75ml

    Phytoelixir Subtle Oil Intense Nutrition returns suppleness and supreme shine to very dry hair

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      Phytoelixir Subtle Oil Intense Nutrition is a luxurious renewal oil for dry to very dry hair types, including sensitive. This 98% natural formula, which is lightweight and easy to rinse, is enriched with a subtle blend of natural botanical ingredients, such as Camellia Oil, Corn Germ Oil, Egg Yolk, Karanja Oil, which, together, have the ability to restore very dry or damaged hair to vibrant health, replenishing the strands and protecting them from external aggressions.


      Texture: oil;

      Hair issues: dryness, dehydration, dulness;

      Time of application: bath;

      Age: 10+;

      Hair type: dry to very dry hair;

      Main benefits: provides long-lasting nourishment to the hair, minimizes signs of dryness and dehydration, lends the hair a radiant shine and softness;

      Formulated without: parabens, silicone, sulfate, talc.

      HOW TO USE

      Apply Phytoelixir Subtle Oil Intense Nutrition to dry hair, from lengths to ends. Massage delicately to distribute the product, focusing on the ends. Leave on for 10 minutes or more, depending on the hair's level of porosity. Rinse thoroughly, and then proceed to shampoo as usual.