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Phytocédrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo 250ml
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    Phytocédrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo 250ml

    PhytoCédrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo 250ml purifies and controls excess oil, leaving the hair softer, shinier and bouncier in between washes


      PhytoCédrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo 250ml is a luxurious antiseptic shampoo that tends to the needs of oily hair and scalp. On one side, formulated to purify and control excess oil, this shampoo contains Lemon Oil, a powerful anti-fungal cleansing agent. At the same time, the presence of Burdock Extract works as an oil regulator that prevents excess sebum from migrating down the hair shaft. As a result, the hair is deeply purified and refreshed, emerging from the bath with a bouncier and also fuller appearance. The same formula with an even more refreshing fragrance is now presented in new packaging, for easy and practical use


      Texture: shampoo;

      Hair issues: oily hair and scalp, excess sebum, loss of vitality;

      Time of application: bath;

      Age: 10+;

      Hair type: oily hair;

      Main benefits: provides deep cleansing and anti-fungal benefits, controls excessive sebum production, prevents sebum migration down the strands of the hair, reduces shampoo frequency, leaves hair cleaner, fresher and also fuller.

      HOW TO USE

      Apply a coin-size amount of PhytoCédrat Purifying Treatment Shampoo 250ml to wet hair during shower or bath. Then, massage gently to create a lather, and rinse. Repeat and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. Finish by rinsing thoroughly once more. For optimal results, use twice a week.