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Neutrogena Promo Pack: Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream 2x50ml
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    Neutrogena Promo Pack: Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream 2x50ml

    This promotional pack contains the following products:

    2 tubes x Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream 50ml


      Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream 50ml was specially developed to instantly relieve and nourish dry and chapped skin. In fact, effective even in extreme environments, this hand cream promises to offer quick comfort and long-lasting hydration. Even more, the Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream equally boosts the skin's repairing process for long-term benefits. All of these actions are possible thanks to the formula star-ingredient - Glycerin. This component proves to be efficient not only when it comes to optimal moisture but also in strengthening the protective film of the skin.

      As a last note, the Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream has a concentrated composition that promises to provide up to 200 applications. Furthermore, this product is available as a scented and a fragrance-free formula.


      Texture: cream;

      Skin issues: dry and chapped skin;

      Time of application: whenever necessary;

      Age: 10+;

      Skin type: dry skin;

      Main benefits: instantly moisturizes and comforts the skin, boots the repairing process, provides up to 200 applications.

      HOW TO USE

      Use Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream 50ml as part of your regular skincare routine or every time you are in need of a nourishing and protective boost. Apply an appropriate amount to clean and dry hands. Then, massage gently until the product has been fully absorbed by the skin.