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Lierac Rosilogie Redness Correction Neutralizing Cream 40ml
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    Lierac Rosilogie Redness Correction Neutralizing Cream 40ml

    Comfortable cream adapted to the needs of hypersensitive and redness-prone skin


      Immediately reduces redness while nourishing and regenerating from the first application. The extract of butcher's broom selected by Lierac Laboratories has a high content of ruscogenin: a steroidal glycoside obtained from the roots of the plant that has protective, strengthening and blood vessels astringent properties. Shea butter has protective and nourishing properties that restore the skin, moisturize and boost elasticity thanks to the high content of fatty acids (oleic, stearic, linoleic, palmitic and linoleic acids) and vitamins (A, D, E and F). It contains patented complex SKRL3 which is a combination of 3 ingredients: deep seawater for regenerating properties, prebiotic that enhances the skin's natural resistance and biotech sugar, which retains water in the skin. This patented combination helps to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the environment and restores its balance and barrier properties.


      Fragrance: jasmine, gardenia, musk;

      Texture: cream;

      Skin issues: 3 types of redness (sudden redness, general redness, redness with visible blood vessels);

      Time of application: morning and/or evening;

      Age: 10+;

      Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;

      Main benefits: reduces sudden redness, general redness, and redness with visible vessels, nourishes and regenerates the skin, protects and strengthens the skin;

      Formulated without: parabens, synthetic colorants.

      HOW TO USE

      Apply in the morning and evening. If necessary, repeat application on the areas where the skin is more reactive.