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Invisibobble Red x3
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    Invisibobble Red x3

    Spiral hair accessory, that creates less friction on the hair and reduces the pressure on the hair.

      Invisibobble Cheat Day Donut that allows you to tie your hair without damaging it. Thanks to its spiral shape that distributes pressure unevenly, it doesn't leave unsightly marks on your hair and thus avoid headaches.
      • Stylish hair elastic;
      • Delicate look;
      • High wearing comfort;
      • Strong adhesion;
      • Stylish bracelet.
      HOW TO USE
      It can be used like a classic elastic, wrapped around the hair two or three times. It can also be worn around the wrist as a fashion accessory to complete any outfit.
      Composed of polyurethane, better known as artificial resin, it doesn't absorb dirt nor bacteria.