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Depuralina Bomba Stick 12,5mlx30
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    Depuralina Bomba Stick 12,5mlx30


      Depuralin Bombastick helps eliminate localized fat, controls appetite, aids in liver clearance and intestinal stimulation. With draining effect.


      Specially developed to help achieve a pleasing silhouette;

      Acts on localized areas such as the hips, waist and thighs, thanks to its unique and innovative composition with SelectSIEVE® Rainbow;

      Helps slim the silhouette and reshape your body shape;

      Eliminates localized fat and toxins, regulates intestinal transit and controls hunger. 

      HOW TO USE

      Take 2 sticks in the evening or dilute 2 sticks in 1.5l of water and take throughout the day.