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Depot No 405 Moisturizing Shaving Cream 30ml

    Depot No 405 Moisturizing Shaving Cream 30ml

    DEPOT No.405 Moisturizing Shaving Cream is a gentle shaving cream that conditions the skin and prevents redness and irritation.


      DEPOT No.405 Moisturizing Shaving Cream - brushless is a shaving cream, meant to be used without a brush, that softens, moisturizes, and refreshes the skin. Formulated with the nourishing properties of coconut and sweet almond oils, as well as aloe vera juice, this product protects the skin while avoiding any redness and irritation during shaving. The gentle composition provides a pleasant sensation of freshness along with a classic menthol fragrance. The skin, even the most sensitive, is appropriately soothed and comforted.

      • Softens, moisturizes and refreshes the skin.
      • Facilitates the shaving process.
      • Prevents redness and irritation.
      HOW TO USE

      Wet the face with warm water. Cover the beard with DEPOT No.405 Moisturizing Shaving Cream - brushless by distributing the shaving cream in circular motions until it's lightly coated. Proceed to shave as usual. Rinse thoroughly, and apply an aftershave product.

      Coconut oil; Sweet almond oil; Botanical complex; Menthol; Methyl lactate; Allantoin.