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Depot Ape Nourishin Shaving Foam 300ml
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    Depot Ape Nourishin Shaving Foam 300ml

    DEPOT APE® Nourishing Shaving Foam is a shaving foam with nourishing abilities that eases the shaving process and reduces irritation.


      DEPOT APE® Nourishing Shaving Foam is a creamy shaving foam that eases the shaving process without irritating the skin. The texture is rich and nourishing, allowing the razor to glide effortlessly for an efficient and impeccable shave. The formula contains powerful botanicals that work together to nourish and allow an easy shave at the same time. Cocoa butter nourishes and soothes the skin, boosting the elasticity of the skin while coconut oil conditions the beard and facilitates the shaving process. Olive oil also helps to nourish and condition the beard while vitamin E protects the skin with its antioxidant action. Equally important, the formula doesn't contain SLS, parabens or silicon. Apply it directly on the skin before shaving to facilitate shaving and to keep the skin smooth and healthy!


      Texture: rich foam;

      Skin issues: facial shaving;

      Time of application: when shaving;

      Age: 12+;

      Skin type: all skin types;

      Main benefits: hydrating, creamy formula, avoids irritation, allows an easy shave, nourishes the skin;

      Formulated without: parabens, SLS, silicon.

      HOW TO USE

      To begin with, shake the bottle and wet the face with lukewarm water. Then, dispense a small quantity of DEPOT APE® Nourishing Shaving Foam and apply it to the area to be shaved. Proceed with shaving and rinse any excess with lukewarm water.