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Lierac Supra Radiance

The environment and lifestyle (food, pollution, UV rays, stress, smoking, lack of rest) have a huge influence on our body and this is also reflected in the skin, favoring skin aging. These are a source of oxidative stress that leads to an increased production of toxins, which promotes the aging of the skin.
In large part, as a result of the aforementioned factors, around the age of 40 the complexion changes, the skin loses luminosity becoming more dull and the wrinkles become accentuated and pronounced. To respond to these types of changes and based on nutritional and environmental medicine, Lierac Paris Laboratories developed Supra Radiance formulated with actives capable of stimulating cell renewal, promoting the elimination of toxins against oxidative stress.
With Supra Radiance, wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin is more toned and regains its luminosity. The real detox effect on your skin!