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Lierac Premium

For all women, whatever their age, looking for maximum effectiveness with products capable of correcting all signs of aging Lierac creates Premium, the absolute anti-aging.
At the base of the appearance of any signs of aging, whether deep wrinkles, skin relaxation, blemishes, loss of density, enlarged pores ... is the slowing down of cell regeneration, which, in turn, is dependent on the action of cutaneous stem cells. Based on regenerative medicine, Lierac Paris Laboratories discover a substance that biomimizes a protein whose activity controls tissue regeneration, allowing the skin to recover from signs of aging. Combined with a complex of hyaluronic acid and black flower extracts with antioxidant action, the Premium range will be a real revolution for your skin.
With exceptionally highly sensory formulas that awaken youth on your skin, Premium is a line of multi-corrective care with unparalleled effectiveness in combating skin aging.