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Lierac Lift Integral

Do you know what is morphological aging?
Over the years and around 50 years of age, significant changes are observed in the face… the oval shape of the face becomes less defined, the skin relaxes, a loss of volume is visible, the cheeks are sunken and the wrinkles appear.
Aesthetic medicines combine lifting and injection techniques to combat this aging, to recover volume and facial dynamics.
Lierac created Lift Integral that combines a truly innovative duo of active components to create a lifting effect and at the same time an injection effect, thus counteracting the loss of tension and volume, characteristics of this type of aging.
Lift Integral is a range of 8 face care products that you will love! With an immediate tensor effect, the skin is firmed, the wrinkles are filled and the volume of the face recovered. It has a fabulous texture that is extremely sensory and effective. You'll definitely want to try it!